PROTESTANT was formed in 2004.

we live in milwaukee, wi, usa.
we have released a demo CDR, a live/covers CDR, 2 7"s, 3 split 7"s, 
3 LP's, 2 CD's, and a tape so far.
we record at Howl Street Studios with Shane Hochstetler.
Eclipse Printing does most of our merch. 
we are not signed to any label. 
we have released records on 
Halo of Flies, Vendetta, Blindead, Rust and Machine, Inkblot, 
Barbarian, Rimbaud, FuckLife! and Go!. 
we support DIY ventures of all kinds, our friends, and all the bands and people
who have been so supportive of us. 
please get in touch if you need anything at all. 


jesse quit earlier this year. we are writing without a bass player and wont likely play out again until late summer/fall. 
more news soon. 
we have a new LP ('IN THY NAME') out on HALO OF FLIES RECORDS and THROATRUINER RECORDS (out 8/15/14) in europe.
there will be a tape version too. 
we just got restocked on 'the hate. the hollow' Cds. see merch page. SUPER CHEAP. 
more news soon. 
long time no talk. 
we're writing a new record. staying busy with life, other stuff, etc 
almost out of all shirts, tapes, 10"s. have lp's as the repress came in months ago. 
we might play a few shows before the year is out. 
if we tour next year, we dont know where yet. 
a repress of the 'reclamation' LP is coming in dec. 100 on clear. 400 on black. 
there will be a tape version of the LP with a bside full of the 'antagonist' 7" and split 6" coming in early 2013 via Cactus Records (Malaysia) 
we have a shitload of free downloads via bandcamp. go there. get stuff. 
we have some of the old shirts on sale, new shirts n buttons, 
maybe 20 of the stalemate 10" and 10-15 of the tape version of the same. 
hit us up for deals! 
playing a few shows in December. 
DEC 14th @ the borg ward - milw,wi / HARVEST, FOCUSED MINDS, IRON RAIN. 
DEC 30th @ scheme city - milw, wi w/ CONGENITAL DEATH, tba
interview in MRR #356 (jan2013) should be out about a month. 
see ya in 2013. the world might not make it. who knows.
RECLAMATION LP is out on Halo of Flies and Chaos Rurale (Canada). we sold out of our copies on tour. we'll have em at any shows we end up doing. 
in the meantime get one from wherever you find one. 
tour was great. so many thanks to go around. if you helped in any shape or form, pat yourself on the back. seriously. 
if you took photos or videos, SEND THEM TO US!!
new shirt and buttons on merch page. 
if you saw other shit there before and its gone, its cuz we sold out of it. sorry. 
check bandcamp for free downloads coming up and a bunch of old stuff up there soon as well. 
interview in MRR coming soon too. woo!
thanks! - Protestant
our new LP called 'reclamation' comes out next month on the 21st. 
reviews are starting to come in already. out on Halo of Flies and Chaos Rurale (Canada). 400 on black, 100 on white. we and Chaos Rurale get 50 ea of the white. 
we leave for tour on the 28th. check dates on the tour / shows page.
we still have small qty's of the split 6", the 'judgements' LP and CD. 
get stoked. 
we recording with Shane for the umteenth time at Howl Street Studios. it ruled. he rules. 
we'll have a 5 song/19 min LP called "reclamation' for the sept/oct tour. (tour dates in that section)
we have very few split 6"s, a few judgements LPs, and a bunch of Stamemate 10"s and Stalemate tapes. 
we also have some shirts. even ones on sale. 
so pick stuff up and help us make more cool shit. 
we also have most of everything on bandcamp. download that shit. 
our split 6" with SUFFERING MIND (poland) is out now. 
we have copies for shows. Suffering Mind, Zaraza (pol), Crucificados(germany) and ToLiveALie(us) have copies. 
couple of shows coming up. 
short tour in fall coming up. 
see shows page for info. 
gonna record this summer for a few things. 
we have a bandcamp now. see link on the right. 
playing 1/14 as part of DIY VS DOMESTIC ABUSE V. 
shit will be awesome for an awesome cause.
just recorded (today!) our tracks for the split 6" with SUFFERING MIND.2 songs 2.5min. brutal. Our buddy Marty is the best for recording us. 
repress of 'stalemate' 10" out soon. tape version of same via Revulsion Records(Malaysia) and maybe another.  
have two shows in 2012 planned. both will be awesome. see tour/shows page. 
working on a few other things recording wise. 
thanks to everybody who helped us out, came to see us, bought stuff, and put out stuff for us in 2011. 
we really appreciate it! 
see ya in 2012. 
a few shows coming up . playing with HEARTLESS, FULL OF HELL, ARMADA and NO BRAINER Nov30th @ scheme city - milw wi
another show or two to be confirmed. 
recording 2 songs dec 3rd for our split 6" with SUFFERING MIND.
have another song written for a comp our pal Matt of Chaos Rurale(canada) is putting out next year. tons of good bands on that one. 
new shirt is up as well as the 10". get one/a copy. the EU labels in on it still have copies of the 10", and halo of flies is selling em for us as well, as i/he is out. 
a repress will be out for the new year. 300 on coke bottle clear. 
have some patches too. they are $1
more news soon. 
back from tour. 
it ruled. 
get the AMAROK lp. from ORCA WOLF, HALO OF FLIES or ALL THAT IS HEAVY, maybe more.  
new merch up soon. promise.  
more shows listed for the fall. check it. 
thanks for everything as per usual. 
we are on tour with AMAROK starting tomorrow. 
we will have the stalemate 10", lps, cds, and shirts. 
its gonna rule and we are stoked. 
see dates on the tour page. 
records are in. release date: sept16th
2 songs are up on facebook page.
more record details soon. 
more shows up on the show page. 
new 10inch recorded. 
out in september.
details soon.
two shows in august, tour shaping up.
bandcamp coming soon. 
new shirts and restocks on sizes are up on the MERCH page. 
more shows added. 
touring out west in october. 
more info soon. 
'judgements' CDs are in and ready to order on the MERCH page. 
we have less than 50, so grab one now or at a show. 
limited to 300. screeprinted chipboard digipaks, 5x11 insert. 
SHOVE RECORDS (italy) has them now and EPIDEMIC RECORDS (singapore) will have them very soon.